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Social Media Management – Mobile vs Office

We were lucky enough to be able to schedule a week vacation recently and while we informed all of our clients that there would be minimal availability, I told myself that I would strive to work in a fashion that would appear as if it was work as usual. To do this, there was a … Continue reading

Who’s Really Not Being Social?

There is always talk about how businesses don’t have a grasp on the full potential of Social Media. We talk about their lack of engagement, their commercialized message, delayed responses. We talk about how annoying it is to see the same scheduled tweet over and over each day, and how they frankly, need to become … Continue reading

Who Is Behind The Mask

Since I started my Social Media business I have always had the insight to not make my list of clients openly public. Sure there are some close friends, family, and trusted colleagues that know who I tweet for or that I am the one responding on behalf of a business on Facebook, but for the … Continue reading

Get Outta My Head in the News

Okay, maybe it’s not the actual “News” but more of an article in an online magazine. Yes, we were asked to contribute some thoughts to an article about Social Media in the current issue of Scottsdale Business + Life┬áMagazine. For us at Get Outta My Head, this is kind of a big deal. We are … Continue reading

Social Media Tip for March 23rd

Social Media is an excellent way to market your business but not in the traditional sense. It’s important to remember people want to know about your business but just like on TV, they will change the channel if the commercial break is too long. Keep your fans interested in your show by giving them content … Continue reading

Social Media Tip for March 9th

What is more productive for your business? 1000 employees standing around watching 5 employees do all of the work or 30 employees that are all working? Hmm… But what does this have to do with Social Media? Social Media is NOT about who has the most likes or the most followers. It’s how the fans … Continue reading

Social Media Tip for March 2nd

Quick question: Who would you rather be friends with? A) An individual person with unique/interesting dialogue and conversation, or B) A robot that is only using the same 5 phrases and does not respond. If you chose B, well, maybe Social Media isn’t for you or your business. For everyone else that chose A, I … Continue reading


Keep it simple! If you haven’t noticed, as technology has grown bigger, attention spans have gotten smaller. Keep your posts to the point, add some humor and if you’re asking a question, allow for answers that don’t need time to think about. Yes or No, True of False, or even Fill in the Blank each … Continue reading

Social Media Tip for Feb 17th

Sometimes it may be tough to remember but Social Media is about building relationships as a human and not just selling your business. A great way to incorporate the human element into your posts is to add photos that your customer can relate to. Anything from behind the scenes of your business to work related … Continue reading

But We Were Just Learning About Facebook Finally.

We haven’t talked much about Pinterest at Get Outta My Head however all of our clients do have their own unique boards. I think that the reason why we haven’t gone far into explaining it vocally is, although the site is blowing up with new users and has a great deal of value to our … Continue reading


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